The Future Lab Podcast

A fun discussion I had with Chris Berry from OhioX. If you are unaware of OhioX, check them out. They are doing great things to share all of the great things happening with Tech in Ohio.

Network Collective Podcast

Jordan Martin heads up the Network Collective podcast, a fantastic resource for network engineers. I was fortunate enough to sit in on a couple of episodes about SD-WAN.

MPLS is Dead, Long Live MPLS

SD-WAN: Beyond the Hype

Packet Pushers Podcast

Ethan Banks, Greg Ferro and Drew Conry-Murray run the Packet Pushers which was the very first networking focused podcast I ever followed. After listening for years, I certainly was humbled to join them for a couple of episodes on SD-WAN and even wrote a white paper on building your SD-WAN business case which is available with their Ignition subscription!


WAN Dynamics

WAN Summit (Telegeography)

WAN Manager Podcast

Podcast: SFW: Safe for WANs