Starlink Experiment Underway!

Ohio Starlink beta signups, check your inbox! I signed up for it last spring and have been anxiously anticipating the email inviting me in. Well today is the day and shortly, I’ll be enjoying my internet access from space. I’m super excited to test this out and add more resilience and capacity to my access. I’ll definitely post updates detailing the experiment.

The signup was very straightforward, an email arrived at 4:50p today inviting me to check availability. I clicked on the link, put in my email and physical address that confirmed availability. I was then taken to a page to put in my personal info, a credit card number and clicked submit. A confirmation email arrived for my payment and had a link to sign into the account. I’m now able to log in to track the status of my order.

Looks like it’s going to be about 2-4 weeks before the kit arrives. I’ve downloaded the app which you can use to check for obstructions in the place where you would like to install the dish but it’s dark now so I’ll check that out tomorrow. There is also a step by step guided installation portion of the app that I’ll hold off on until the dish comes.

So I guess, now we wait! I’ll have more updates as they become available. Definitely excited to test out what I really feel will be the future of connectivity!

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